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1. Delhi sanitation workers call off strike 2. A red carpet welcome and Gujarati culture and cuisine await Xi during his six-hour visit to the state.3. Remittances to Kerala are growing ever since Keralites started migrating to the Gulf region 4. A giant meteorite that wiped out dinosaurs along with evergreen flowering plants 66 million years ago gave rise to deciduous plants 5. Ten million people in the US survive on less than $2 a day
Fifteen suspects detained, main accused identified in the Bulandshahr gangrape case. is an attempt by a motley group of budding engineers, cynical journalists and arm-chair philosophers to share with wider public the interesting content skimmed in the course of their general reading.

Though the name of the website hints at the content being an hotch potch of 'news' and 'views', it is actually a melange of sorts. No topic, not even politics, is shunned or preferred. There is no attempt to maintain temporal freshness of content. Except for hardcore news, everything else is timeless, in our opinion.

At times, the stuff would be the inane stories doing rounds on the FaceBook, at others, it will completely novel distilled philosophy like the comment by Carl Sagan on The Pale Blue Dot. At, you might 'meet' the lone crusaders like Dashrath Majhi or witness the epic battle between Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh that irrevocably altered the course of India's destiny in a little over three minutes.


Aditi Sharma, an electronics engineer by training, and a bookworm by inclination is our Founder Editor-in-chief. 

Shweta Sharma, our resident philosopher, looks after Social Media Section.

V Kumar, our Mr Know it Nothing is an ancient journalist, who pretends to look after everything that does not fall into the domain of the above two.

BTW, the '24' in our domain name stands for NOTHING in particular.