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1. Delhi sanitation workers call off strike 2. A red carpet welcome and Gujarati culture and cuisine await Xi during his six-hour visit to the state.3. Remittances to Kerala are growing ever since Keralites started migrating to the Gulf region 4. A giant meteorite that wiped out dinosaurs along with evergreen flowering plants 66 million years ago gave rise to deciduous plants 5. Ten million people in the US survive on less than $2 a day
Fifteen suspects detained, main accused identified in the Bulandshahr gangrape case.
Agartala, March 16: Tripura continues to occupy first place for the sixth consecutive year in voluntary blood donation in the country, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said today.
Posted On : March 16 ,2014 16 : 22
Hyderabad, March 15: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi today ruled out electoral alliance with the Congress for the Lok Sabha and state assembly polls.
Posted On : March 15, 2014 21 : 05
Paris, March 15: France has proposed free transport over the weekend after air pollution touched a new high in the country's northern region, especiallyly in Paris and its suburbs.
Posted On : March 15 ,2014 16 : 17
New Delhi, March 15: The United Nations Security Council is likely to hold an emergency meeting today to vote on a draft resolution on Ukraine drawn up by the US and backed by Western countries, according to media reports citing UN officials.
Posted On : March 15 ,2014 12 : 30
New Delhi, March 14: Uruguay's president José Mujica is often cited as "the world's 'poorest' president", due to his austere lifestyle and his donation of around 90 percent of his $12,000 (£7,500) monthly. But, soon he is likely to be deprieved of this unique distinction as Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has listed just three ordinary mobile phones as his assets declared Thursday. The property details are yet to be made public by the Prime Minister Office.
Posted On : March 14 ,2014 15 : 00
March 14: Scientists have discovered a 450-million-year-old 'nursery in the sea' revealing parental care of the young from 450 million years ago.
Posted On : March 14 ,2014 14 : 02
March 14: “Big data' collections from platforms such as Google, Twitter and Facebook can be manipulation by campaigns and companies to ensure their products or issues are trending, alleges a recent study.
Posted On : March 14 ,2014 13 : 21
New Delhi, March 13: Arvind Kejriwal will be the AAP candidate from Varanasi, if prime ministerial candidate of the BJP Narendra Modi enters the fray there, said AAP leader and Kejriwal confidant Manish Sisodia.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 21 : 42
New Delhi March 13: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is a puzzle that is growing even more complex. Experts find is hard to believe that a modern aircraft with a many advanced devices simply went off the radar.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 18 : 03
New Delhi, March 13: The Delhi High Court today upheld the death sentences awarded to four convicts in the Dec 16, 2012 gang-rape.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 16 : 07
New Delhi, March 13: RJD chief Lalu Prasad has turned to vaastu shastra ahead of the Lok Sabha polls to rid himself and his family of misfortune and ill-luck and to ensure good electoral performance of his party. Following a suggestion from an expert in vaastu shastra and an astrologer, Lalu has ordered that a pond in his house be filled.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 13 : 55
New Delhi, March 13: The Delhi High Court will pronounce its verdict Thursday on confirming the death sentence and appeals of four convicted in Nibhaya gang rape case. A division bench of Justice Reva Khetrapal and Justice Pratibha Rani will pronounce the verdict in the afternoon.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 12 : 13
New Delhi, March 13: A US drone strike killed three suspected Al Qaeda militants in Yemen's Al Jawf province Wednesday, Yemeni officials said.
Posted On : March 13 ,2014 10 : 36
New Delhi, March 11: Senior AAP leader Shazia Ilmi today refuted the reports that she would contest the Lok Sabha election against Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli.
Posted On : March 11 ,2014 23 : 43
New Delhi, March 11: A day before Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee's joint rally with Anna Hazare at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, Shahi Imam of city's Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Noor-Ur-Rahaman Barkarti called for snapping the TMC’s ties with the social activist and warned Banerjee against sharing the dais with him. "She will have to rethink whether it is appropriate for her to share dais with Anna Hazare. She will have to think about the signal which it will send to the Muslims of the state," said Barkati who questioned secular credentials of Hazare. "Hazare's links with the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are no more hidden, so an alliance with him is certain to jeopardize the Muslim support which the Trinamool enjoys," said Barkati.
Posted On : March 11 ,2014 23 : 30
New Delhi, March 11: The “Rs 20,000 per person” dinner with Arvind Kejriwal, was a transparent way of raising money, unlike the mainstream parties where 75 per cent of funding came from “unknown” sources, said Aam Aadmi Party today while trying the defend the fund-raising exercise scheduled for March 15 in Bangalore.
Posted On : March 11 ,2014 23 : 28
Raipur, March 11: Fifteen security men and a civilian were killed today in a Maoists ambush on a patrol party in a thickly forested area of Chhattisgarh, a short distance from the spot where 27 people were gunned down last year.
Posted On : March 11 ,2014 19 : 15
Patna, March 10: Former RJD leader Ram Kripal Yadav, who revolted after being denied ticket for the Lok Sabha polls, today said that he will contest from Patliputra in Patna against party chief Lalu Prasad's daughter.
Posted On : March 10 ,2014 19 : 06
Hyderabad, March 10: Over 200 low-cost airports would be build in the next 20 years to connect tier-II and tier-III cities across India, said a civil aviation ministry official.
Posted On : March 10 ,2014 18 : 57
New Delhi, March 10: The change in your bowel monement pattern or abdominal pain is linked more with your diet and balance of beneficial and harmful gut bacteria than with your mood, reveals a study by professor Giovanni Barbara of University of Bologna in Italy.
Posted On : March 10 ,2014 16 : 41
New Delhi, March 10: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today announced a Pakistani Rs.1 billion aid package for the drought-affected Tharparkar district in Sindh province.
Posted On : March 10 ,2014 16 : 18
New Delhi, March 8:  One worker was reportedly killed and two hurt this evening in a mishap at an under-construction nuclear submarine site in Visakhapatnam when a tank was being tested for high pressure.
Posted On : March 8 ,2014 23 : 33
Agra, March 7: A board narrating history of Taj Mahal in Braille has been installed in the campus of the monument for benefit of visually impaired tourists. Developed by Arushi, an NGO from Bhopal, the board is in Hindi as well as English.
Posted On : March 7 ,2014 18 : 56
New Delhi, March 7: Astronomers Thursday claimed to have witnessed for the first time an asteroid, disintegrating into as many as 10 smaller pieces at a "leisurely" speed.
Posted On : March 7 ,2014 09 : 59