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1. Over 80 percent voting recorded in four West Bengal seats2. SC quashes plea to probe army\'s role during 2008 - 09against the LTTE in Sri Lankan civil war3. Nearly 10 crore electors cast votes in 121 Lok Sabha constituencies in sixth round of general election 4. 93-year-old JD-U MP Ram Sundar Das files nomination from Hajipur in Bihar5. Kapil Sibal moves Election Commision against Swamy
Indian Oil announces a cut in petrol prices by 70 paise a litre, excluding taxes, effective from Tuesday midnight

Kolkata, April 17: Over 80 percent voters exercised their franchise at four Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal today.

Posted On : April 17 ,2014 22 : 04

New Delhi, April 17: The Supreme Court today refused to entertain a plea for a SIT probe into the alleged "clandestine" role of the Indian Army in the Sri Lankan government's 2008-2009 operation against the rebel Tamil organisation LTTE.

Posted On : April 17 ,2014 21 : 53

New Delhi, April 17: Nearly 10 crore electors voted in 12 Indian states today in the sixth round of parliamentary election to pick 121 MPs in a battle vital for all major stakeholders.

Posted On : April 17 ,2014 19 : 48

Patna, April 16: Ram Sundar Das, the 93-year-old incumbent Lok Sabha member from Bihar's ruling JD-U, Wednesday filed his nomination papers from Hajipur constituency.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 22 : 05

New Delhi, April 16: Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal today moved the Election Commission against Subramanian Swamy, saying an FIR should be lodged against the BJP leader for making a false complaint against him.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 21 : 53

Cairo, April 16: An Egyptian court today sent a controversial Islamist leader and former presidential candidate to jail for seven years for falsifying his nomination papers.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 21 : 22

New Delhi, April 16: Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy today told the Supreme Court that the conditions set by the apex court for his release on interim bail was "unworkable".

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 21 : 15

New Delhi, April 16: N Srinivasan is among the 13 people named by Mudgal Committee in the IPL betting scam and he cannot take charge if the BCCI has to conduct an inquiry on its own in the scandal that rocked Indian cricket last year, said the Supreme Court today.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 21 : 10

Los Angeles, April 16: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he loves to take naps in the afternoon and whenever he has idle time.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 7 : 13

Seoul, April 16: A ship carrying 350 passengers is sinking off the coast of Jindo, southwest of South Korea, and sent distress signals to the coast guard, say media reports.

Posted On : April 16 ,2014 7 : 05

This happens only in Tehran: Here people pay you to walk behind their car, so the traffic cameras can not capture their number-plates when they enter the restricted-traffic areas!

Posted On : April 14 ,2014 19 : 50

When he first synthesized LSD on November 16, 1938, during his research on lysergic acid derivatives, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann was not looking for something to get high on. In fact, he was searching for a respiratory and circulatory stimulant.

Posted On : March 19 ,2014 13 : 32

We all have heard of Jadav "Molai" Payeng, a man who spent 30 years single-handedly planting a sprawling 1,360-acre forest on a sandbar in River Brahmaputra in native India. Here is another man, from Kerala in India, who transformed a 32 acre barren hillside into a lush forest. Meet Abdul Kareem from Kasargod, Kerala…

Posted On : March 11 ,2014 0 : 46

Puffer, blowfish, swellfish, or, in Japanese, fugu – is perhaps the world’s most deadly fish. However, strangely in Japan, the fugu epitomises gourmet dining.

Posted On : March 9 ,2014 0 : 20

When the lives of 95 Harvard University students from the 1940s were followed up into middle age, the men with the highest intelligence test scores in college were found not to have been particularly successful in their careers. Nor did they have the greatest life satisfaction or the most happiness with friendships, family and romantic relationships.

Posted On : March 2 ,2014 22 : 58

Hinduism has a healthy tradition of settling the intellectual disagreements through debates called Shastrarth, held in full public glare. Literally, shastrarth means: Interpretation of scriptures. Later on, these debates evolved into brainstorming sessions in which participants quoted from scriptures in support of their arguments. In modern times, the weapon of shastrarth was used with considerable success by social reformers In India to purge Hinduism of various evils that had crept into it over the past 5,000 years. The most famous example of shastrarth being used to this effect is Swami Dayanand Saraswati defeating Kashi Pandits who supported idol worship.

Posted On : March 2 ,2014 21 : 51

The morning of August 24, A.D. 79, was clear and sunny along the Bay of Naples. In his bakeshop in the fashionable resort town of Herculaneum, Sextus Patulcus set out bread and pastries, imprinted with his initials. Greengrocer Aulus Fuferus watered the fruits and vegetables on his stand. A gem cutter worked on a delicate cameo, while a bronze caster repaired a candelabrum. Tailors, artists and tavern keepers were equally busy. The town was crowded with visitors who had come to enjoy the competitions being held in the Palestra, the athletic field, to commemorate the birthday of Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

Posted On : February 18 ,2014 13 : 9

After leaving a 20-year career with Coast Guards in America, Alex Haley heads to New York to become a freelance writer. One year on, he still has not got a break. One day, an old acquintance of his offer him a job that carries an annual salary of $6000. A huge amount in 1960. Alex says, No. Things continue to be gloomy. Seven years later, he gets his first break: Readers' Digest commissions a fictionalized account of journey of ancestors of Alex Haley from the shores of Africa to America. It will be another nine years of research before Alex Haley publishes Roots. Read the complete account of his struggle which I read a few years ago...

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Posted On : March 30 ,2014 15 : 35
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Posted On : March 30 ,2014 10 : 57

Arnold Schwarzenegger – IQ 135. You can’t make this stuff up.
Posted On : March 30 ,2014 9 : 59

The typical history textbook has a lot of ground to cover and only so many pages to devote to anything before Jesus. For most of us, that means ancient history is a three-dog show—Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Which is why it’s easy to get the impression that, outside of those three, our map of the ancient world is mostly just blank space. But actually nothing could be further from the truth. Plenty of vibrant and fascinating cultures existed outside that narrow focus. Let’s fill in the blanks.
Posted On : March 29 ,2014 13 : 17

Matthew Albanese is artist who fascinated with special effects and magic. Matthew own a stunning artwork collection of photographs that will blow your mind with their realistic presence. On the left side in  gallery you can see the final image and on the right you will be able to see how image was created using his special effects. Scroll down and enjoy in today’s gallery with 15 beautiful artworks.
Posted On : March 29 ,2014 13 : 01

Although it may be hard to believe, summer is right around the corner. It's time to start compiling a list of your must-reads for the summer, and we've got eight that you'll want to add. As we wrap up another month of 

Posted On : March 29 ,2014 12 : 55

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