18th Annual Fairy Ball at the Paseo Arts District

18th annual Fairy Ball Disney princes The Paseo Arts District
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Lorrie Keller, the founder and creative director of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan, is calling all little elves, fairies, imps, sprites, and many more to come and participate in the 18th annual Fairy Ball. Keller said that the Fairy Ball represented time and reminds us of our childhood.

This non-profit company offers children and their families a chance to set their imagination on fire at the 18th Fairy Ball. This has been a long tradition in the Paseo Arts District, which attracts hundreds of children who are searching for their inner magic.

Keller stated that this year, the leaders of the roundelay dance would be Bluebirds of Happiness. The event itself is set to start at 7 p.m. on Saturday, at the historic Crown Jewel Amphitheater. This is at the proximity of the First Christian Church, 3700 N Walker Ave, tucked among the big green trees.

The organizers chose this place because it has a magical and vintage atmosphere, surrounded by the trees from all sides, like a pixie garden. The entrance itself is full of colorful flowers, which children use to decorate their costumes. The amphitheater is set out to take center stage in an enchanting evening, all decorated fairytale-style, ready for the tiny fairies parade.

The Descending Sun and Twinkling Stars

Keller said that the 7:50 p.m. sun descending and the first stars twinkling in the night sky mark the Bluebirds’ invite to all the fairies. The parade will take place after this, which will lead the kids to the ballroom stage.

The Paseo Arts District annual Fairy Ball logoJust like any other ball, the real Fairy Ball fun begins at children’s home, when they start dressing up for the event. Of course, the fairies are not the only kids here. There are plenty of fanciful creatures, from bugs and pixies to leprechauns and little dragons.

Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan’s creative director encourages parents to bring any thrift-store outfits and craft materials for their tiny fairies. Flowers and some other different organic garbs will be at the event, already waiting for them.

The organizers will provide real flowers, colorful fabrics, and palm fronds. This will give each guest a chance to create a unique costume. Also, there will be some artists who will show the kids how precisely to fashion crowns, wands, wings, and many other ornaments.

This is how the organizers bring out the visual-arts experience aspect, according to Keller. Keller asks just how many of us have a chance to offer real flowers to deck themselves with? Nowadays, everything is made of plastic and silicone. The moment when the kids see real flowers and actually smell them is priceless.

The Fairy Parade

There will be an introductory dance which the SunDanceSwan studio dancers have been working on for some time now. It is supposed to call every child to join. Keller’s company members will show the parade participants their dance spots.

The music is also original since Steve McLinn makes the tune for the annual ball. He has been doing so since 1982, creating an acoustic-electric fusion which sounds otherworldly and earthy. McLinn’s music is composed for children of all ages, and it is original and surprising, as Keller described it. She also said that this Oklahoma City’s resident understood dance and put movement and emotions into his music. McLinn is capable of capturing a wide range of human emotions and the beauty of the world and place it in tunes.

Even though the admission to this fantastic ball is free of charge, the organizers do accept donations to help with the costs.

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