Arrested Law Enforcement Burglars Connected to Irish Mob?

Handcuff on the Table
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Three arrestees that had been snatching police equipment throughout this summer now claim they have connections to the Irish Mob. Destiny Webster, Dennis Nichols, and Shawn Maclean currently face thirteen charges of felony on account of their alleged wrongdoings.

This thieving trio managed to steal from an excess of four agencies. They made off with badges, bulletproof vests, cash, ammunition, tasers, and firearms. And all of these items were sequestered away in a trailer home in Edmond.

The police struggled to locate the culprits of these burglaries. The only hint they had to rely on was video footage of several people donning armored vests, assault rifles in hand. This footage captured the moments after they had stolen these exact two objects.

But their slip-up was posting on social media and bragging about having a federal officer’s weapon. From these posts, law enforcement succeeded in tracking the criminals and placing them into custody. Authorities questioned Webster about the weapon’s whereabouts, but she lied about it being on the property of an Aryan Brotherhood member.

But stealing from police officers isn’t the only supposed crime they have committed. Some reports point to them taking away a child’s dirt bike. The child was a cancer sufferer. They have allegedly attempted to extort the child’s mother, demanding that she pay for the return of the vehicle.

In their words, these three have ties to the Irish Mob. They required the resources they had stolen in order to, as they had said, settle the score with some rival gangs.

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