Cherokee Nation to Set Aside $30 Million for Tribal Home Repairs

Tribal Home Repairs
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On August 1, the Cherokee Nation declared that it plans to set aside $30 million for the restoration of many tribal homes in its borders, many of which are owned by residents with disabilities or the elderly. They also plan to remodel many community buildings that have fallen into disrepair.

At a conference in Claremore, Chuck Hoskin Jr., Principal Chief-Elect for the Cherokee Nation, stated that this is a welcome help for vulnerable tribal citizens, many of which sometimes have to wait years in order to receive any kind of assistance.

The plan, which falls under the 2019 Housing, Jobs and Sustainable Communities Act, is yet to receive approval from the tribal council. A large portion of the restoration plans will involve projects concerning renewable sources of energy. The entire rebuilding endeavor will also create a lot of jobs, mostly having to do with construction.

The Benefactors of the Repair Plans

There are currently 668 families with low income in the Cherokee Nation, and they are all in need of diverse kinds of rehabilitation assistance. These mainly involve removing hazards such as lead, installing new roofs, electricals, and plumbing. As many as 400 of these families include people with disabilities or the old.

The meeting, where this decision was made, happened in the house of one Lola McKinzie. This 73-year-old woman recently got a brand new roof for her 60-year-old home. She would have faced the loss of insurance coverage, had she not finished the renovation.

She requested the repairs on her roof over a year ago, and made it to the waiting list. And after an arduously long wait, she finally repaired her home. Therefore, she is well aware of the frustrating conditions under which many Cherokee citizens have to live. She viewed this financial relief as a great boon to the community.

The restoration projects have to fall in line with the previously mentioned 2019 act. Thus, three-quarters of the budget will go toward house repair projects for citizens. Meanwhile, the remaining quarter is to help remodel the local community facilities. The remodelling will entail integrating technology that uses renewable energy, HVAC installations, and Wi-Fi.

A special $30 million dividend Cherokee Nation Business, as Hoskin requested, issued will provide the bulk of the funding for the repairs. Hoskins will officially assume the position of principal chief on August 14. The repairs themselves are a part of his initiatives he started since his first 100 days in office.

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