Coalition Launched a Campaign for Medicaid Expansion Vote

Medicaid needle and medicine on the table
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Oklahomans Decide Healthcare campaign was launched this Wednesday by the statewide coalition.

There are thousands of people in Oklahoma without insurance, and the program will give voters a chance in deciding the expansion of Medicaid. The spokeswoman Amber England says that they care about the issue and that they are growing each day.

The idea behind the coalition is to bring back over a billion dollars back to Oklahoma every year in order to help over two hundred thousand residents, along with boosting the economy of the state.

The main supporters and investors are individuals and companies that are concerned about the same issue. While England has not revealed their donors, she said that she would declare them when the state issues an election date.

Naturally, the opposition, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, are planning on protesting against the issue. The supreme court is set for Tuesday to discuss the problem. The campaign will need almost 180,000 signatures for the issue to be in next year’s election ballot.

While Medicaid is available for all citizens making less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level, this campaign might further help with the issue. England is hoping that they will manage to collect all of the signatures by the end of the summer. If the campaign succeeds, Oklahoma will be the thirty-seventh country to expand Medicaid.

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