Eli Walker Is Facing Two Counts of First-Degree Murder

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Eli Walker is about to face two counts of first-degree murder. Namely, he murdered his parents, Michael Logan Walker, 50, and Rachel May Walker, 44. This happened on March 4, in their Edmund home. The teenager stated that he killed his mother and father because they were worshipers of Satan and were sending him telepathic messages, as the police reported.

Walker is about to be handed over to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’ custody. They will take care of his mental state after Oklahoma County District Judge Natalie Mai signed an order on Wednesday.

This ruling means that Walker’s prosecution will cease until the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service finds him to be competent to stand trial. Judge Mai based her decision on psychiatrist’s opinion on Walker’s mental state. The psychiatrist’s report said that Walker wasn’t capable of understanding the nature of the charges against him. Moreover, the teenager isn’t able to consult his attorney and assist reasonably in the defense preparations.

However, the psychiatrist thinks that Walker can attain his competency within some reasonable time. Of course, this can only happen if he is provided with suitable therapy, training, and treatment. According to the order, Walker is found presently dangerous if released.

Walker Remains in Oklahoma County Jail for Now

The teenagers facing charges will remain in Oklahoma County jail until Oklahoma Forensic Center at Vinita has an available bed for him, as defense lawyer Derek Chance stated on Thursday.

Chance gave an interview for The Oklahoman that Walker’s status hasn’t changed and that he is currently extremely delusional and paranoid.

The prosecutors didn’t have any disputes about the report’s findings. They added that most of the defendants who undergo such treatments have proven to restore their competency. In most cases, this happens within a reasonable time, and generally no more than two years.

That is precisely the reason judge Mai decided to halt the trial until Walker restores his competency. As for Walker, he told the police that the shooting commenced in his bedroom after an argument with his father. Allegedly, the main issue was the parents’ Satanism, according to a court affidavit.

Walker said that he held a pistol next to him on the bed. His father grabbed his hand in order to take the gun. That was when the teenager decided to kill his father, and he aimed everywhere he could reach, the police said. After this, the boy’s mother started running down the hallway with the objective to reach the front door. As she was running, she yelled to her younger son, Isaac, to call the police.

Walker then followed his mother down the hall. He believed that she was trying to reach outside and escape. That is when he shot her once in the back. He then reloaded the weapon, and returned to reshoot her, since he believed that she was still breathing, as the affidavit stated.

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