If a School Refuses to Fire a Teacher, Its Catholic Name Will Be Renounced

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
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Archbishop Charles Thompson issued a decree on Friday. It is about an issue that the church has with Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. Namely, it can no longer be identified and recognized as Catholic or use a Catholic name. The reason behind this decision is a gay teacher working there.

In their statement, the Archdiocese says that regardless of whether an individual school teaches religion or not, the teachers must convey and support the Catholic Church teachings in their private lives. They also added that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis considered all teachers, administrators, and counselors ministers. Therefore, if the private lives of these employees turned out to be against the Catholic beliefs, the institution in which they work cannot be called a Catholic one.

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School LogoBecause of the same-sex marriages, Archdiocesan-operated Indianapolis Roncalli High School suspended and fired two guidance counselors in the past few years. But Brebeuf is entirely independent of these influences, as the school officials stated in the media release.

This school has a staff of 132, with 793 students in grades 9 to 12. Despite the teacher’s marital status not conforming to the church doctrine, Revenant Brian Paulson refused to cancel his contract.

Paulson also stated that this particular teacher didn’t teach religion and that he was a longtime valued employee. He also refused to identify the teacher. Brebeuf will try to appeal the decision made by the Archdiocese. The school would reach out to the Vatican if necessary, Paulson added.

Independent Jesuit Catholic School

The Archdiocese’s directive goes against the school’s informed decision on this matter, as the Brebeuf’s administration and the Board of Trustees have previously determined, according to Paulson. Despite this outrageous decree, this school will remain under the name of “Independent Jesuit Catholic School,” as declared by Greg VanSlambrook.

The Midwest province of Jesuits was the provider of the school’s funds, and the school operated under their sponsorship and guidance, VanSlambrook added. He also said that the school would continue this partnership.Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School front yardA Jesuit priest, Revenant James Martin, who happens to be one of the leading advocates for LGBT rights inside the Catholic church, strongly supported the firm Brebeuf’s policy and leadership.

This LGBT targeting in the church and in many other institutions had to cease, Martin stated. He added that this school and the Jesuits stood marginalized. He concluded stating that most schools should resist such requests made from the Archdiocese.


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