The right way to arrange meals in a Thali as per tradition


As per the Hindu culinary heritage, food should be served only after the person dining is seated. After placing the Thali, begin with serving the anjaj like rice, roti or other flat breads in the center of the Thali. Dry foods like fries, fruits, dry sabzi/bhaji should be served in the lower right portion of the Thali along with all the curries, gravies on the upper right side of the plate. Even desserts that have rasa must also be kept on the right side of the plate.

On the upper left side of the rice and roti, serve the chutney, dahi along with papad or salad. Apart from that foods made with jaggery, achar or desserts like halwa must be served in front of the rice and roti. Another essential thing that must be served in front of the rice is lemon and salt.

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