How you clench your fist reveals a lot about your personality


Among several things that can actually reveal the personality of an individual, the way one clenches the fist is quite popular. There are different ways people clench their fist; while some clench it tight, some others clench it loose. However, in this article we will discuss how the placement of your fingers and the thumb in a fist determines your personality.

Loose fist with thumb resting on the index finger

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Some people make a soft and loose fist. The thumb rests on the index finger in this case, and reports suggest these people are kind and warm hearted. These people are so kind and giving in nature that often people take advantage of their good side.

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These people are suggested to take care of themselves and learn from their experiences. They should be kind and generous but at the same time should not let people take advantage of them.

For example, if someone has already cheated you in the past but again comes to you with a more sorrowful story and seeks help from you, do not let your emotions cave in immediately. Do a little bit of background research.

A tight fist with thumb firmly placed on the index, and middle finger

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Now, this is a tight fist and can make a good punch.

Reports say, people who readily clench their fist like this are highly creative. Despite having a fear for failure, these people do not step back during testing times. These people are human magnets and make friends wherever they go.

Apart from this, these people are highly intelligent and are too honest too.

A tight fist with thumb buried under other fingers

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This is the type of fist which kids usually do. These people are very calm by nature. They are funny, witty and charming and attract people wherever they go.

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Another interesting trait of these people is that they love and seek harmony in everything they do and this is the reason why they get emotionally connected to people who are in stress and try to make things better for them.

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