On Heavily Drunk Bhagwant Mann Deplaned Charge, AAP Says Propaganda


Drunk Bhagwant Mann Delayed Flight, Say Some Parties; Wrong, Says AAP

Opposition parties have attacked the Chief Minister, asking him to clarify the reports


Reports that Bhagwant Mann was removed from a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Delhi because he was drunk have triggered a huge outcry with opposition parties saying the Punjab Chief Minister has “shamed Punjabis”.

Mr Mann’s office says he delayed his return to Delhi as he was unwell. His Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has hit back at the opposition for “spreading propaganda”.

AAP shared Lufthansa’s statement, which said its flight left later than planned because of a “delayed inbound flight and an aircraft change”.

Opposition parties seized on reports that said Mr Mann was drunk and the flight was delayed by four hours because of him.

“Disturbing media reports quoting co-passengers say Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann was deplaned from a Lufthansa flight as he was too drunk to walk. And it led to a 4-hour flight delay. He missed AAP’s national convention. These reports have embarrassed and shamed Punjabis all over the globe,” tweeted Akali Dal leader Sukhbir Singh Badal.

“Shockingly, Punjab government is mum over these reports involving their CM Bhagwant Mann, Arvind Kejriwal needs to come clean on this issue. The government of India must step in as this involves Punjabi and national pride. If he was deplaned, the government of India must raise the issue with its German counterpart,” he added.

The Congress tweeted the news report that quoted a passenger on the Delhi-bound Lufthansa flight in Frankfurt as saying that the Chief Minister was drunk

Mr Mann “was not steady on his feet as he had imbibed excessive alcohol and had to be supported by his wife and security personnel accompanying him,” the passenger was quoted as saying.

Malwinder Singh Kang, AAP spokesperson, said: “The Chief Minister returned on September 19 as scheduled. All these social media reports are propaganda. The opposition is rattled because Mr Mann is effectively getting some investment from his foreign trip…you can also check with Lufthansa airlines.”

The airline’s statement said: “Our flight from Frankfurt to Delhi departed later than originally planned due to a delayed inbound flight and an aircraft change. For data protection reasons we do not provide any information regarding individual passengers.”

Mr Mann was on a trip to Germany from September 11 to 18 to attract investments and tie-ups.

The comic-turned-politician became Chief Minister in March after AAP swept the Punjab election, besting rivals like the BJP and Congress. Mr Mann has emphatically denied ever reneging on his vow to quit drinking at a public event in 2019, with his mother by his side.

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