CM Naveen Patnaik releases ‘Encyclopaedia of Tribes in Odisha’


Bhubaneswar: Chief minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday released ‘Encyclopaedia of Tribes in Odisha’ published by Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute (SCSTRTI) and Odisha State Tribal Museum. Odisha is the only state to publish an encyclopaedia of all tribes, said the official sources.
All the five edited volumes contain 3800 pages and 418 research articles covering all the 62 Scheduled Tribe communities of Odisha including 13 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). These articles in the Encyclopaedia had been published in ‘Adivasi’ journal and other publications over the last six decades, said the SCSTRTI sources.
The chief minister said that this book will certainly be a great treasure and repository for all the academicians, researchers, policy makers and those interested to know about the tribal communities of the state, and also commended the work of the institute.
SCSTRTI director AB Ota and his consultant SC Mohanty have edited the large volumes. It took more than four years to come up with this encyclopaedia.
“The age-old culture and way of living of these tribal communities are changing fast and their cultural identity is disintegrating. Before it gets entirely vanished, systematic documentation needs to be done on an urgent basis. Keeping this idea in mind, the institute has edited, compiled and republished the research articles and other information through the encyclopaedia,” said the official statement of SCSTRTI.
The five volumes of this encyclopaedia are focusing on society, culture and development of tribals. It will be a fine repository of ethnographic knowledge as well as an excellent exposition of pristine tribal culture with its specificity and variety, said the official sources.
“It will serve as an all-time reference anthropological literature full of relevant and useful information on various aspects of the life, culture and development of the tribals. At the same time, it will also pay homage to those anthropologists-cum-article contributors who are no longer with us,” said Ota.
He said the tribal museum has a very rare type of collections of exquisite arts and crafts of tribal communities and is regarded as one of the best interactive ethnographic museums of the world.

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