Intense Fight Over Navratri Celebration


Three people have been detained over the incident.


An all-out fight with sticks broke out between two communities in Madhya Pradesh over Navratri celebrations on Sunday in a video that is being shared widely.

According to the police, the incident took place in Kankar village of Agar district, about 200 km from Bhopal.

Members of the Dalit community in the village say they were attacked by those from so-called upper castes because they had installed an idol of Goddess Durga.

The other side claims the fight began over an argument over an obscene dance performed by two girls for a garba function.

“There was a song-dance programme that led to a dispute which led to a fight. We have registered complaints from both sides and some people have been rounded up,” Naval Singh Sisodia, a senior police officer, said.

“Sticks were used, there are videos which we are examining. Three people have been detained. We will take action against those responsible,” he added.

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