NDTV’s Best Half-Year Results In 13 Years, TV And Digital Both Profitable


NDTV's Best Half-Year Results In 13 Years, TV And Digital Both Profitable

The NDTV Group is declaring its most-profitable half-yearly results in over a decade. For Q2 as well, the Group remains as profitable as last year, despite incurring higher costs. 

The consolidated profit for the Group for H1 (first half of the financial year) is Rs 35.2 crores, a growth of 26 per cent over last year. 

The television company’s profit for the same period (H1) is Rs 20.7 crore compared to Rs 24 crore last year; operational profit, after adjusting for an exceptional item, is higher than that of last year.

The group’s digital arm, NDTV Convergence, has delivered its best-ever result for the year-to-date with a profit of Rs 20.7 crore; its revenue has increased by more than 30 per cent over last year.


Q2 or the second quarter of the year has seen many media companies declaring losses. NDTV, however, had a profitable Q2. The television company has clocked a profit of 8.2 crores; for the Group, the profit is 12 crores, comparable to the same period as last year. 

This is the 12th consecutive profitable quarter for the NDTV Group. 

The Management is aware that advertising in the news genre is shrinking this year and business plans are being handled accordingly to mitigate any risks.

As always, NDTV thanks its team-members for their hard work and commitment to delivering world-class journalism day after day.

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