Things I wish I knew before meeting my ex while being married


Once the “date” was over and I was headed back home, I suddenly realised that I had probably emotionally cheated on my husband and that my husband would never have done this. I felt sick and guilty and even nauseous as I cried a little over something that I had bid goodbye to, 5 years back. The fact that I felt a little jealous that he has someone else in his life, living in the same house where we had our moments, made me hate myself until I was back home…

The entire meeting will make you feel so many different kinds of emotions which today I realise is what we call human behaviour. I ended up telling my husband everything and he had a smile on his face just because I came back home to him and was truthful. He was very supportive and shared that I had done nothing wrong and that I am just a human. However, the reactions depend on person to person. Analyse everything before you meet your ex as no one should ever be regretting any of their actions.

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