Today’s Panchang: 10 November 2022


Today’s Panchang is a daily update of the Hindu Day Calendar or Tithi Calendar, based on the positions of the Moon and Nakshatras. The Panchang gives you an overview of Muhurtas and auspicious times on which you should consider going into business or even continuing with your daily activities.
Tithi: Dvitiya upto 18:35:12
Nakshatra: Kritika upto 27:09:33
Karana: Gar upto 18:35:12
Paksha: Krishna
Yoga: Parigha up to 21:11:15
Day: Guruvara
Sun and Moon Calculations
Sun Rise: 06:39:23
Sun Set: 17:30:16
Moon Sign: Vrishabha
Moon Rise: 18:45:00
Moon Set: 08:16:59
Ritu: Hemant
Hindu Month And Year
Shaka Samvat: 1944 Shubhakruth
Vikram Samvat: 2079
Kali Samvat: 5123
Pravishte / Gate: 25
Month Purnimanta: Margashirsha
Month Amanta: Kartika
Day Duration: 10:50:52
Inauspicious Timings (Ashubha Muhurat)
Dushta Muhurtas: From 10:16:21 To 10:59:45, From 14:36:42 To 15:20:06
Kulika: From 10:16:21 To 10:59:45
Kantaka / Mrityu: From 14:36:42 To 15:20:06
Rahu Kaal: From 13:26:12 To 14:47:33
Kalavela / Ardhayaam: From 16:03:29 To 16:46:53
Yamaghanta: From 07:22:47 To 08:06:11
Yamaganda: From 06:39:23 To 08:00:45
Gulika Kaal: From 09:22:07 To 10:43:28
Auspicious Timings (Shubha Muhurat)
Abhijit: From 11:43:08 To 12:26:32

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