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5 dals you can easily sprout and eat daily


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5 dals you can easily sprout and eat daily

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01/6All you need to know about sprouted dals

If you are a vegetarian/vegan and are constantly looking for rich sources of protein, then look no further. Here lies in your kitchen the most economical source that’s not only rich in protein but several other nutrients like minerals and vitamins, which are essential to sustain daily life. We are talking about lentils that are easy to cook and taste delicious as well. When these lentils or dals are sprouted, the protein content in them is increased by 20-30 per cent. We might have seen sprouted chickpeas, moong dal, moth beans, and even kidney beans. But, these are not just the only dals that can be sprouted. Here is a list of some dals that are commonly used in our kitchen and can be sprouted too! (Images courtesy: Canva)


02/6Black Eyed Peas

Also known as Lobia, Rongi or Chawli in various parts of India, this is one of the most underrated dals that’s super-rich in protein content. These beans are also known as cowpeas and have a very strong earthy flavour. Apart from being rich in iron and folate, it’s a low-fat legume that contains about 13 gms of protein in 1 cup of boiled lobia. When it’s sprouted, the protein content can increase to about 15-16 gms.


03/6Moth Beans

Popularly enjoyed in the hilly parts and Maharashtra region of India, these beans are popularly known as Matki that are often enjoyed as sprouted. This dal is known to be super-rich in protein content and can be quite heavy to digest. There are about 22 gms of protein in just 100 gms of Moth beans and when sprouted, it can come to about 25-26 gms of protein. It’s always advised to soak these beans overnight and then consume them to avoid the side effects they can cause.


04/6Moong dal

Moong dal is known to be the most common lentil used for sprouting and is loaded with both fibre and protein. In just 100 gms of sprouted Moong dal, there are about 3.5 gms of protein. Also, it is said that the inactive enzymes present in moong dal also become active after sprouting, which makes it easy to digest and absorb in the body.


05/6Black Chickpeas

Another popular dal used for making sprouts is chickpeas which have about 36 gms of protein in just 1 cup of this dal. The sprouted version of this dal is also known to help women who have menopausal issues. It’s relatively one of the easiest dal to sprout.



It is known to be one of the most common lentils used in other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China for sprouting purposes, where people enjoy it raw which has much more nutrition than the boiled version. In just 1 cup of sprouted soybean, you can get about 9 gms of protein. This bean is also one of the best choices when your iron levels are low.


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