Amit Shah at News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’


Union home minister Amit Shah, in an exclusive interview with Network18 Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi at News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’ on Monday, said the Congress has no right to utter Sardar Patel’s name and do injustice to his legacy after the opposition party’s manifesto stated that the Narendra Modi stadium in Gujarat will be named after the former PM.

“The Gandhi-Nehru family strove to make sure he didn’t get his due. From his last rites to memorial and Bharat Ratna for him, they didn’t do anything, but create hurdles. What are they even saying?” Shah said.

About the stadium, he said: “There is a stadium called Narendra Modi Stadium. The Congress is lying… A sports complex is being made, which is being called Sardar Patel complex, with 18 stadia for different sports. One of them is named after Modi…After Modi became the PM, we started putting up Patel’s photo. We didn’t see his photo for 50 years.”

The home minister further took a dig at Congress and said people of Gujarat will not fall for Congress’ lies. He also said if it wasn’t for Sardar Patel, India would have been a divided country.

“PM Modi made the world’s biggest statue for Patel. He got iron from the tools used by 8.5 crore workers for the statue of the farmers’ leader and Iron Man. Not one Congress leader paid his respects there. They didn’t go not because Modi made it, but because it is the statue of Patel…They didn’t do anything, no scheme in his name, no Bharat Ratna…the BJP did it and now they are doing his advocacy. They have always meted out injustice towards Patel,” Shah said.

The Gujarat assembly elections will be held in two phases on December 1 and 5, while the counting of votes will be conducted on December 8.

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