Maharashtra Woman Arrested For Husband’s Murder, Call Recording Nailed Her


Her Father Died 3 Months Ago. She Found Out That Her Mother Had Killed Him

Ranjana Ramteke killed her husband, a retired government officer, on August 6, the police said.


A woman was arrested for murder three months after her husband’s death in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district, around 150 km south of Nagpur. The woman’s role in what was believed to be death by heart attack was exposed by her daughter after she found an audio recording in which the woman apparently confessed.

Ranjana Ramteke killed her husband, a retired government officer, in his sleep on August 6, the police said.

Shortly after the murder, the woman called her lover and casually confessed to her role in the crime, the police said, citing the audio recording of the phone conversation.

“I suffocated him with a pillow. I will call relatives in the morning and inform them about his death. I will say that he suffered a heart attack,” the woman said on the call, according to the police.

The next day, the woman called her relatives and gave them the news. None of them suspected her and the man was cremated the following day, the police added.

Everything went to plan for Ranjana Ramteke, for three months, until her daughter, Shweta, came to visit her.

Shweta reportedly found the audio recording when she borrowed her mother’s phone to make calls. She then reported her to the police.

“Shweta came to the police station with the audio recording. The audio recording is between Ranjana and her lover Mukesh Trivedi. In the phone conversation, she talks about how she killed her husband with a pillow and made him lie like that. She also is heard saying that she will call everyone in the morning and tell that he suffered a heart attack,” a senior policeman told the media.

After listening to the audio, the police called both Ranjana and Mukesh and confronted them with the call recording. The two later confessed to the crime.

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