NCERT’s toy-based pedagogy for an element of fun in conceptual understanding


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has developed a document on ‘toy-based pedagogy’, which will soon be introduced in schools. The recommendations of the document may be included in National Curriculum Frameworks (NCFs) for primary and secondary schools.
Toy-based pedagogies will strengthen conceptual understanding in students of classes 1 to 6, to help in holistic development, foster creativity, imagination and enhance the emotional quotient in students.
The student will learn History through a chessboard which would make learning an enjoyable experience for them. Languages will be taught through dolls and eco-friendly toys, while Mathematical concepts can be effectively taught through the use of blocks. Currently, approximately 40-50 schools in Delhi are following toy-based pedagogies.
Speaking to Education Times, a source in NCERT on the condition of anonymity, says, “If students are taught the subjects through toy-based pedagogies, they would be able to strengthen their hold over the conceptual understanding of the subjects as children emotionally identify with toys and games. Teachers can include indigenous games and toys to the requirements of various concepts of a particular subject while teaching the students which would qualitatively enhance the learning levels among them.”
“This would enable them to understand the essence of the language subject that is being taught with the help of toys. This would give them the idea that language is a social instrument that binds society together. Similarly, while teaching Maths, blocks can be used for explaining Mathematical concepts to students. Through a chess board, students can effectively be given an introductory background of the historical times that would make the subject of History enjoyable for them,” added the source.
Sudha Acharya, chairperson, National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC), says, “Some schools have been following the toy-based pedagogies based on indigenous games and toys. The focus is on teaching the students through toy-based, storytelling methods and puppetry in their foundational years as it is essential to employ diversified teaching methods apart from conventional teaching from textbooks.”

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