Do kids need alone time? Does solitude help them grow?



A newly coined term which has pulled a new trending among parents, is sitterversing. This roughly means supervising kids while sitting and is believed to be a trend that benefits both moms and the kids.

“The expression was coined by former teacher Susie Allison who introduced it on her Busy Toddler Instagram page. It just means supervising kids while you sit down, not directly engaging with them,” a report in Today said.

“You do not need to hover over kids while they play OR feel like you absolutely must be playing with them at all times. You can supervise kids from a seated position.Kids need play without adults. Adults need time to recharge from kids.

Do you sittervise when you can? Comment below with encouragement for others. Sittervising is a good thing,” Allison captions her video of sittervising her kids as they play along on their own.

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