Telangana will teach the country how to resist discriminations: Telangana Sahitya Academy Chairman


HYDERABAD: Stating that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is now fighting for establishing an egalitarian society and to eliminate inequalities through his Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), Juluru Gowri Shankar, the chairman of Telangana Sahitya Academy on Friday called upon people to follow him.
Divisive forces are out to deprive people of their right to speak against discriminations of all kinds and Telangana should teach the rest of the country the myriad ways to offer resistance to such despotic and authoritarian tendencies, he said while speaking as a chief guest in a book release function at Ravindra Bharati.
The book – C for Caste- written by renowned journalist and author Satish Chandar traces the role played by caste in influencing various formations like family, politics, political parties, village, democracy etc.
Former additional director general of Aadhaar, PSN Murthy spoke as chief speaker and said that Ambedkarism and constitution should be taken to the people in a better language to herald an enlightened society that keeps equality at the core of its heart and treats its people with dignity.
IPS officer Dr M Chetana of state police housing corporation said that the book asks us not remain silent when we come across discrimination. That awkward silence being maintained by the society in resisting and questioning the caste and gender discriminations is an integral part of the book that asks us to take a decisive stand against all kinds of discriminations, she said.
Poet and Singer Jayaraj and scores of others participated.

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