CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam 2023: Last-minute revision tips for formulas & important questions


The CBSE Class 12 exam plays an important role in the life of a student. The results of the Class 12th board exam determine the fate of a student. Although many colleges and universities across India are now adopting admissions through Common University Entrance Test (CUET) in graduation as well as post-graduation programmes.
Still, the importance of Class 12 results remains the same. These days, be it for Science, Commerce, or Arts; due to the level of competition, every student needs to perform extraordinarily in their board examinations. The result of Class 12 also plays a crucial role while applying for various jobs and recruitment.
As the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics exam is around the corner, students should be focusing more on last-minute strategies and revision tips for important formulas, questions, chapters, and more.
Here are the last-minute revision tips for students who are going to appear for the Class 12 Maths exam on March 11, 2023.
1. Go Through the Formulas
You should practice by writing down the Mathematics formula and sums. Formulae play a very crucial role in maths, and it is important to practice them by writing them down again and again and solving sums based on them.
2. Make Sticky Notes
The best way to memorize the maths formulas is to make sticky notes and paste them on the wall in front of your study table. This will help you look at those tricky formulas every time you sit there and you will easily memorize those formulas.
3. Check Weightage
You should check the weightage of every topic. You should divide your left days according to the weightage that each topic carries in your CBSE Maths syllabus. You need to act smartly and focus on covering the complete syllabus when only a few days are left.
4. Previous Year Questions
Students should try solving at least a couple of previous years’ question papers. This will help them cover all the topics and get an idea about the exam pattern. Don’t start anything new just before the Maths exam as this may lead to unwanted stress and confusion at the last moment.
5. Attempt Mock Tests
Try attempting as many mock tests as you can during the last few days. You can get an immense number of mock test series online and start solving them. You can even refer to the YouTube videos, where many Maths teachers conduct live sessions for crash courses, or even provide complete explanations of topics for which you need more clarity.

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