Strengthening Bond: Drass teachers welcome students on reopening of school after winter break


Jammu, Mar 13: Just recollect your sweetest childhood memories- majority of people have a bunch of them about favorite teachers from elementary school and again making students to have treasured memories- teachers in Drass of Kargil welcomed the students back in schools after winter break.
In a unique way, the Government High School Thasgam, Drass of Kargil on its reopening today after a long winter break organized a special function where the teachers warmly welcomed the students back in school.
This special program was conducted on the first day of school to welcome the students under the direction of Director School Education Ladakh, Dr Safdar Ali.
“The occasion was aimed to strengthen the bond between the teacher students as teachers at elementary schools are the persons who help math and science ‘make sense to students and clear the basics of education. The mentorship that these teachers provide can be life changing, especially for younger students, said a faculty member from Government High School Thasgam, Drass of Kargil.
He said, “The children walked into the campus towards joyous learning with cheerful faces. Meeting their friends and having exciting discussions added to their energy.
“To welcome the students, a special assembly was conducted by the teachers and the students were welcomed with traditional Khataqs ( a silk neck gear) and also were offered sweets by Headmaster of the school, Mohd Saleem Lone on the occasion.
“The day started by seeking the blessings of the Almighty followed by a welcome speech by physical teacher Mohd Hassan.”
Faculty members added besides these a series of learning activities were conducted for students.”
He added that Director School Education Ladakh, Dr Safdar Ali has exhorted the teachers to teach the students with full vigour so that the learning gaps among them are mitigated.

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