H3N2 cases rise in country: Know what helps this virus spread (and how to prevent it from doing so)


While the symptoms of this flu seem like the other flu symptoms, the H3N2 virus is a global concern.

It is because the H3N2 virus can cause severe complications like pneumonia which require intense hospital care and negligence can lead to death.

As per the US CDC this virus spreads more easily to humans than other influenza viruses. Also since viruses are always changing, it might be getting easier for these H3N2 viruses to spread easily from humans to humans.

“Studies conducted by CDC and others have indicated that children born after 2001 (age ≤9 years at 2010) have little to no immunity against H3N2v viruses. Adults seem to have more immunity, perhaps because they might have been previously exposed to similar viruses in their lifetimes,” the US CDC says.

H3N2 virus: Can your COVID shots protect you from getting a severe infection?

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