Fakir Mohan University starts initiative to provide education to illiterate adults


BHUBANESWAR: The Fakir Mohan University Balasore has started an initiative with the help of local Rotary Club to provide education to adults who could not get it during their childhood. It has launched Swabhiman Adult Learning Centres to help the new initiative.
The university has been working on reducing dropout rates in the nearby schools of the institution. While reaching out to the community, the university found many illiterate adults. To make such people literate, the institution has come up with such a plan in association with Rotary Club of Balasore, said the official sources.
Santosh Kumar Tripathy, vice-chancellor of Fakir Mohan University, said they have launched 20 Swabhiman Adult Learning Centres in Balasore and Bhadrak districts. Cadets of National Service Scheme (NSS) will be provided with incentives to take up this mission. “If it becomes successful, we can implement this idea in other places,” he added.
Viswajit Ghosh, chief operating officer of the Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), said the project is being implemented as part of the RILM which aims to eradicate illiteracy completely from India. Sekhar Mehta, former Rotary International President, gave the keynote address at the launching ceremony held on Tuesday.
The launch of the Swabhiman Adult Learning Centres is a step towards providing education to adults who were unable to get an education in their childhood. These centres will provide basic education to adults who have missed out on formal education due to various reasons. The programme is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of the people in the region.
A toolkit for the Total Literacy Project was also released during the programme, which will be used as training material by the volunteers of the project.

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