CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam Analysis 2023: Students find paper moderate


CBSE Bio paper analysis 2023:Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) today i.e., Match 16, 2023 conducted the class 12th Biology paper at various examination centres across India and abroad. The Bio paper was conducted from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.
The Biology paper was simple and well-balanced. As per students, the level of difficulty was moderate. The question paper was a balanced mix of knowledge, analysis and application-based questions. Most of the students were able to complete the paper well in time and also could save some time for revision.
The Biology exam was for 70 marks, to be attempted within three hours.
The question paper had five sections and 33 questions. All questions were compulsory. Section – A of the paper had 16 questions of one mark each, Section – B had five questions of two marks each, the third section i.e., Section– C has 7 questions of 3 marks each, Section – D had two case-based questions of four marks each and the last section of the paper i.e., Section–E had three questions of five marks each.
In the question paper, there was no overall choice given to students however, internal choices have been provided in some questions. Students were asked to attempt only one of the alternatives to such questions. In the paper, some questions were there where students were required to draw properly labelled diagrams.
Students’ Reactions
According to some of the students who took the Biology examination today, the paper was easy to moderate, with no major surprises.
Sejal, a class 12B student of SKV Khajoori Khash, Delhi said, “The paper was moderately difficult. I found section C of the paper bit difficult and lengthy.”
Nidhi, a student of the same school, “Certainly the paper was not easy. Yes, we can say it was not difficult either. Maximum students would get 50-60 marks in this paper and I am also expecting the same.”
The CBSE Science (044) Grade 12 exam paper according to Pawan, a grade XII student of Vidya Bharati School, C Block, Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad was an average paper.
The questions ranged from simple to a little tricky but were mostly direct and simple.
Disha, another student of VBS reviewed the paper was easy and high scoring with direct questions.
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Ridhhima, a Delhi Govt school student said that the questions asked in the paper were easy and straight from the NCERT Books. There was nothing out of the syllabus in the paper.
Another student from the same school, Rashmi, said, “I found the paper bit lengthy as I could not revise the paper after finishing it. I hope to score good marks on this paper.”
“According to me, case-based questions were a bit puzzling. I have to spend a few minutes visualising the answer before start writing it. It was not easy tough,” said Kartikey of Khajoori Khaas school.
Most students were relieved after the exam, and some even found time to discuss the paper with their peers.
Teachers’ Reactions
“It was a balanced question paper which was a mix of application and memory-based questions. The difficulty level was the same as that of the CBSE sample paper. Students found Assertion and reason questions a bit tricky, Sections B, C, and D were of moderate level and Section E had majorly direct questions. Students who had thoroughly prepared from NCERT, will score well,” writes Sonia Saraswat, PGT, Biology, DPS Raj Nagar Extension.
“The level of biology paper was moderate. MCQs were high scoring, however, a few subjective questions were tricky and required critical thinking. The paper was structured as per CBSE guidelines only, but the overall paper required technical thinking and application,” writes Pooja Goel, PGT Biology, MRG School.
Biology Teacher Papiya Saha of Vidya Bharati School, C Block, Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad, reviewed it as a paper that required a thorough understanding of the keen knowledge and concept but all the same commented that questions were almost like that of in previous years and is expecting good marks.
‘It can be a challenge to score 100% for top scorers’
Pratibha Sharma, Academic Director Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir Delhi wrote: It was a well-balanced paper set in accordance with the sample paper released by CBSE. The paper was easy to moderate barring a few questions in which the students might have struggled.
– The multiple choice questions in section A were easy.
– Section C had all the direct questions from NCERT and it is scoring.
– Both the case-based questions in section D were tricky.
– All the questions from section E were also direct.
– Paper was from N.C.E.R.T, all those who have studied N.C.E.R.T thoroughly should excel.
“Most questions were directly from the NCERT textbooks, which made it easier for students who had studied the prescribed syllabus thoroughly,” said a Govt school subject teacher on condition of anonymity.
“The paper was well-balanced, and the questions were evenly distributed across various chapters,” he further said.
“Diagram-based questions were relatively easy, but they required a sound understanding of the subject matter,” said another teacher, who also does not want his name to appear on this page.
“There were no out-of-syllabus questions or topics in the paper, which made it easier for students who had covered the prescribed syllabus,” she added.

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