CBSE directs schools to refrain from starting academic session before April 1


New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education has warned the schools affiliated with the Board from starting the academic session before April 1, 2023. The decision comes after several schools were found to have started their new academic session in a rush to complete the syllabus well before the timeline.
“It has been noticed that some of the affiliated schools have started their academic session quite early in the year. Attempting to complete an entire year’s worth if coursework in a reduced timeframe poses risks for students who may get overwhelmed and struggle to keep up with the pace of the learning, leading to anxiety and burnout,” reads an official notice from CBSE Secretary, Anurag Tripathi.

The Board has strictly objected to the schools’ decision to start the academic session early as it leaves little or no time for extracurricular activities such as Life Skills, Value Education, Health and Physical Education, Work Education, and Community Service, which are just as important as academics.

The notice further reads, “The Principals and Heads of Institutions of the schools affiliated with the Board are, therefore, advised to refrain from beginning academic sessions before April 1st each year and strictly follow Academic Session from 1st April to 31st March.”
Download: CBSE notice to schools
It must be noted that the CBSE is currently holding Board Exams 2023 for Classes 10 and 12. As per the schedule, the Class 10 board exams will come to an end on March 21, 2023. Whereas, the Class 12 board exams will continue till April 05, 2023.
Earlier this week, CBSE announced the implementation of the National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage – 2022. “The foundational stage (from class Nursery to class II) will be introduced in the session 2023-24 in those CBSE schools which offer education at the foundational stage to students in the age group of 3-8 years,” official CBSE notification.

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