Can people with diabetes eat mangoes? Experts share dos and don’ts


The experts recommend having half a cup of mango a day.

“Half a cup of mango preferably eaten and not juiced is the permissible quantity to be eaten in a day for diabetes patients with controlled sugars,” says the nutrition expert and adds that Alphonso, Payri are reportedly found lower on GI (Glycemic Index).

“The best way to consume mangoes is the way it is traditionally eaten – slicing and eating the pulp from the skin. This aids initiation of digestion of the carbohydrates in mangoes right from our buccal cavity – mouth. The enzyme salivary amylase in our saliva does the trick. Also, eating it from the peel directly helps us to enjoy the flavours more mindfully, slowing the process of eating and in a way greater satisfaction and satiety. In contrast, drinking mango shakes or juices make us crave greater quantities as consumed faster and the whole purpose of diving deep in the flavours of the fruit is lost,” she adds.

“It is better to restrict the mango intake to about half mango a day as beyond that the sugar levels tend to go up in most people. It all depends however on the type of diabetes you have. There are some people whose sugars are controlled despite mangoes while for others it shoots up if mangoes are eaten,” says Dr Mohan and also recommends eating it sliced.

Do not consume mango after a meal or as a dessert. Take it as a snack in between major meals; combine it with proteins like yogurt, milk, nuts, recommends Dr Rahul Baxi.

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