Marijuana Impaired Driving Is Still Punishable in Oklahoma

Driving guy used marijuana
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Even though medical marijuana is now legal in Oklahoma, it is still illegal to drive under the influence. There are over seventy percent of Americans who still believe that they will not get into any trouble if driving under the influence.

The director of the Board of Tests for both drugs and alcohol, Kevin Behrens, said that there are over three hundred officers in Oklahoma, trained in spotting a person that is under the influence.

He also said that the impairment is impairment, regardless of the legality of medical marijuana. It is crucial to remember that drug-impaired driving is dangerous. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if it is alcohol, medical, prescription marijuana, or any other illegal drug. The substance will impact the brain, and it might disrupt both functionality and reaction time.

There were almost fifteen million Americans driving in the past month, only half an hour after using some form of marijuana. Besides, research shows that there has been a twenty percent increase in impaired driving influenced by marijuana since 2015. DUI remains illegal, even if that influence is marijuana.

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