Medicinal Marijuana Law in Oklahoma on Pause

Medicinal Marijuana
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Oklahoma legislation regarding medicinal marijuana and traffic stops have taken a breather for the foreseeable future.

The law in question, Senate Bill 1030, came into effect on May 2019. While its primary focal point is zoning rules, it does partially address traffic stops. More precisely, it contains a provision that stipulates what will happen if authorities stop a patient with medical marijuana who does not have a permit card on them.

Prior to SP1030’s introduction, this patient would face either a fine or jail time of several days. This came with a bit of ambiguity as what the proper course of action was. But SB1030 cleared the air on the issue.

This law stipulates that if this hypothetical patient carries an amount less than or equal to an ounce and a half of medicinal marijuana, they cannot face jail time. However, they do still have to pay a fine. The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System can provide a channel through which officers can verify that the patient actually has legal rights to medical cannabis.

The bill proclaims that the State Department of Health shall provide the necessary resources to aid Oklahoma’s law enforcement in conducting the law’s provisions. The officers shall not require search warrants or subpoenas to obtain this information. The Department must provide all data one would find on standard license for medicinal marijuana. Furthermore, it would also reveal to the officers whether a license is still valid or not.

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