OK Lawmaker: Bill Against Red Flag Laws in Order

Lawmaker Judge Hammer
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A legislator from Oklahoma announced his plans to propose legislation that would repel any red flag laws coming from the federal government.

This move transpired in light of Bill 2957 coming into effect recently. This law permits anyone aged over 21 to carry a firearm without needing a permit. Gov. Kevin Stitt was the one who gave the bill the go-ahead.

As a response, a hastily-organized petition arose in an attempt to appeal this law. It required 50,000 signatures to affect any change. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City’s Rep. Jason Dunnington revealed that he planned to propose a red flag law regarding B2957.

With a red flag, one could override the currently functioning legislation. For instance, should a person exhibit signs of mental problems, their relatives could report them using this law. Afterward, the local law agency can request that a judge permit this person’s firearms be temporarily confiscated.

Officials claim that only such cases involving mental maladies would come under the effect of red flag laws. But Sen. Nathan Dahm wishes to combat the implementation of this legislation. His argument is that, although it must address any safety issues, the law should not restrict the rights of its citizens.

The February legislative session will hear both the for and against cases regarding red flag laws.

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