OKCPS in Anticipation of Incoming ICE Raids

ICE Raids
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Public schools in Oklahoma City await with grave concern the ICE operations that could potentially transpire there. The immigrations agency has recently conducted a record-breaking sweep in Mississippi that was spurred OKCPS into creating a plan to deal with a similar such operation.

The Mississippi sweep, which took place earlier this August, resulted in more than 680 arrests overall. ICE employed some six hundred agents for the endeavor and targeted towns in the vicinity of Jackson. Matthew Albence, acting director at ICE, claimed it might be the most prolific raid over these past decades.

In the aftermath of the Mississippi sting, hundreds of children were left confused, mortified, and alone, standing outside their schools and waiting in vain for their parents to pick them up and return them home.

Such a sorry sight has sparked conversations at OKCPS about what measures they could take to alleviate the potentially grim outcome. A recent viral video acted as the match that started the flame. It shows a girl, eleven years of age, sobbing and pleading the staff at a Mississippi ICE detention center to release her father.

Plans to Reduce Disastrous Outcomes

Dr. Sean McDaniel, superintendent for public schools in Oklahoma City, also watched the video. He expressed great regret at the girl’s plight and feared the possibility of such images recurring in OKC schools.

When asked about the district’s plans to safeguard their immigrant pupils, McDaniel replied that they planned to look to how other districts maintain the safety of their undocumented students. He stated that OKCPS officials intend to design frameworks that will create policies to reinforce their efforts.

McDaniel also added that the OKCPS’ utmost priority remains to protect and educate their children. He highlighted the importance of being able to rapidly respond to any upsetting events in the school district.

However, he assured that OKC had not experienced issues that would spur this conversation. But in the wake of intensifying ICE activity throughout the Nation, he believes the school district should take preventive measures. The schools remain ready and waiting for any ICE operations, according to him.

Thus far, OKCPS has not made attempts to contact the city’s child safe havens for assistance.

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