Oklahoma Legal Marijuana Sales Top May High of $23 Million

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Selling of cannabis for medical purposes in June 2019 has topped sales in May. Oklahoma’s medicinal marijuana sales have been steadily increasing for eight months. This month marks the high of that rise. Namely, 23 million dollars’ worth of legal cannabis was sold in May, while April had an $18 million increase in sales.

According to their figures, the Oklahoma Tax Commission collected over $1.6 million in May from 7% marijuana excise taxes. The state gathered an additional $2 million in local and state sales taxes. This is an increase of 0,4 million dollars from April. The total tally of profit the state has received from marijuana sales now exceeds $10 million.

Medical pot sales began their rise in October, which is when weed dispensaries began operating in the state. More than 1,400 of these dispensaries have been greenlit by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, in addition to 2,700 commercial growers. These have contributed to a significant rise in both sales and people registered for medicinal use.

The number of individuals given permits to ingest medicinal marijuana has also been on a steep rise. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority gave out over 104,000 patient licenses in the time span between August and May. June’s numbers ramp the total up to 130,000, and there seems to be no sign of the trend slowing.

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