Oklahoman Sportsman, Brewster Hobby, Died at 81

Football player Brewster Hobby with his team
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Former Oklahoma athlete, Brewster Hobby (81), died last week. He was both a baseball and football player in the ’50s.

He had a chance of playing professional baseball in Midwest City High School. He declined the offer because he wanted to pursue his college education, and he was very passionate about Oklahoma University. Furthermore, Hobby talked about growing up in the shadow of Owen Field and how every kid wanted to play there.

He was the only high school athlete to be named player of the year by the Oklahoman for both football and baseball. He was a part of the football team in the OU that managed to get a 47-game-win streak during the late ’50s. This incredible win streak ended due to loss from Notre Dame in the eight game.

During his best game in ’59, he managed to get two touchdowns against No.9 Syracuse. They won the game with 21–6.

While he never played neither baseball nor football professionally, he served 22 years in the U.S. Army, retiring as a colonel. Besides, he became the president of the National Bank in the city of Norman.

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