Teen Under Adult Charges After Stabbing Classmate

Knife Blood
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A fifteen-year-old attending Luther High School is under trial as an adult for reportedly stabbing his classmate in 2018.

The charges the state levied against the teen include maiming and battery with a deadly weapon. According to records, he will undergo trials as if he were an adult suspect. The boy had no prior records of committed crimes, but he was the recipient of several suspensions during middle school.

What Purportedly Happened

Allegedly, the boy committed the assault during a 2018 assembly. The victim was his friend at the time, a girl that he had liked. She did not reciprocate these feelings, however. At the assembly, which took place in August, the teen used a knife to inflict a multitude of wounds on the girl.

She sustained severe injuries on her arm, torso, and head. Paramedics airlifted her as soon as they arrived. They promptly rushed her to a hospital, where she recovered. The boy later revealed the romantic feelings that he had harbored toward the girl.

Investigations Into the Outburst

This incident sparked a year-long investigation. While held in a juvenile center, the offending teen underwent an extensive psychological evaluation. Court documents reveal that the medical staff overseeing the evaluation described the boy as unusually intelligent. He also confessed to intending harm toward the girl, admitting that he would have done the same had he run into her elsewhere.

A doctor participating in the evaluation claimed that there existed no psychiatric facility capable of facilitating the kind of therapy this boy would require. It was this statement that led to OK County judges to try him like they would an adult.

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