Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program in Edmond OU Medical Center

Type 2 Diabetes
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OU Medical Center Edmond plans on unrolling a new program that aims to reduce the number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The plan is to provide education to Oklahomans about changes in lifestyle that reduce the odds of getting the illness.

This program, going by the name of Prevent T2, is to last one year and will follow a curriculum which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved. It will also include help from a certified lifestyle coach. Following this kind of program has demonstrated reduced odds of preventing or reducing type 2 onset.

The main focal points of this plan are to promote physical exercise and weight loss.

Type 2 is the most widespread form of the illness of all. Estimates place the number of individuals in the U.S. that have it at around 27 million. Meanwhile, some 86 million suffer from what is called prediabetes. Having prediabetes entails having irregular blood glucose, but not to the extent that warrants a type 2 diagnosis.

The first session of the new program will unfold on Sept. 5 from 3 to 4 p.m. It will occur in OU Medical Center Edmond’s Ambulatory Care Pavilion, Classroom 3.

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